Posted on September 16, 2016

Hello SEISA Sailing Team Admins, & Parents,

Welcome to the 2016-2017 High School Sailing year!  Please read through so you can have your sailors as ready for sailing this year as possible.  Your primary place to find information should be the ISSA ( and SEISA ( websites, but if there are any questions then please reach out to a board member at  The ISSA websites have only just gone live the last week in August, so you are now free to register teams, update rosters, view schedules, etc.

  • Registration and roster updates – Please go on to the ISSA website ( and make sure your teams are registered for the current season and update your roster for the 2016 fall season. Make sure you click the save button when logged in to your team as the team rep.  This will put the team status from Inactive to Pending.  From there I can change the status to Active when payment is received.  Sailors must be registered and listed on team rosters to compete in any SEISA event, Level 1, 2 & 3. If they are not and compete, your team may be disqualified.  ALL TEAMS & SAILORS MUST BE REGISTERED WITH ISSA BEFORE THEY CAN COMPETE!  There is an approval process that takes 24-48 hours through ISSA AND Techscore so please do not leave this until the night before an event/entry deadline.
  • Payment & Activation - $135 check must be RECEIVED by Joann Willits, BEFORE A TEAM CAN COMPETE! This is not negotiable and team’s results will be overturned if they participate in events before registering, paying and being activated. The mailing address is below. Teams cannot be activated on the ISSA website or for Techscore until payment has been received.  Make check payable to SEISA
    • Joann Willits – 16821 Buccaneer Ln, Suite 101, Houston, TX  77058
  • Bylaws & Rules – As coaches and parent liaisons you are responsible for making sure your teams are up to date on the current ISSA, SEISA, and US Sailing rules and regulations. Below are the links to where you can find this material.
  • SEISA West/East Leagues – SEISA is using an East/West format for organizational purposes at this time.  Teams from either side of the district, East or West can and are encouraged to compete in regattas in the other league.
  • Team Uniform is a requirement that ISSA instituted last year. Teams are encouraged to wear pinnies at all events.  Please see the text below for the new PR 2.5:
    • PR 2.5: Team Uniforms - All student-athletes competing in district regattas that qualify to a National Championship, and competing in ISSA National Championship regattas (Cressy, Baker, Mallory), shall wear a uniform designating their high school. The uniform shall be a pinnie (similar to a thin T-shirt) worn over the lifejacket, or a lifejacket with the school's designation on the back. To designate the high school, any combination of the high school’s name, nickname, mascot, or other identifying image shall be present on the back of the uniform and, except for an individual’s name or number, shall be the same for all competing team members. The image used to designate the high school shall be at least 8” X 8” in size. 
  • Schedule – Available here: 
    • Calendar and Events -  dates and times can change, so please check the website regularly for the most up to date event info, NOR & Registration Link/Info. 
    • If there are no regattas in your area - organize/host one!  Have a regatta and don’t see it listed? Please send in any SEISA regatta info to ASAP!
  • Qualifiers/Championships
    • SEISA Single-handed Champs – NOR & Entry details are posted.  Regatta is Oct 1-2, 2016
    • Great Oaks - Requirement for team to participate in at least 1 SEISA regatta in the fall or pervious spring season prior to entry/application to Great Oaks Regatta is in effect. Information regarding the number of berths SEISA receives for Great Oaks will follow as soon as it is available.
    • Teams should notify SEISA Rep Joann Willits of their intention to accept any spot at a championship by Tuesday at 5PM following the event. If that team cannot attend, it will continue down in order of finishing place at that area qualifier.
  • Running Regattas
    • Please submit ALL NORs approx. - 5 weeks before the event happens, so we can review and post before the 30 day mark as stated in the district rules.  All SEISA regatta entries AND fees are due Wednesday by 5pm the week prior to the event.  Submit NOR to​.
      • Techscore  – is our official scoring program. No other scoring programs should be used for any ISSA or SEISA sanctioned events. Please register an account for your team several days in advance (as it needs to be approved by ISSA, so you can become familiar with using the scoring program and updating RP forms. You must have an account to be able to change RP Forms at other events. This can be executed on your smart phone, iPad or a computer.
  • Record of Participation - Forms and Results
    •  RP Forms should be executed through the Techscore program and updated throughout the event. If internet is a major issue at the host venue then please let the Host, SEISA Rep, and participants know before the event starts. If this situation does occur, then please use paper RP forms, found at the link here (, and after the event has concluded the host should update them on Techscore on the last day of the regatta. 
    • There is a point penalty for not filling out RP forms by the end of protest filing time daily.  Ideally, RP info should be updated throughout the day so the sailor names show in the live scoring.
  • Safety & Weather – Please remember safety should be our number one concern with these sailors.
    • Blazing hot to very cold temperatures are part of our sport of sailing. Coaches, parents, and sailors need to be prepared with the right equipment and gear for those conditions. Please be sure sailors have the right gear (sunscreen/sun-shirts/sunglasses/hats/water etc. in the heat and warm layers/spray-tops/ etc. in the cold). 
    • Concussions have also become a major concern in our sport and will be dealt with carefully according to the state laws that guide them. It is recommended that coaches receive training to deal with concussion like symptoms and that hosts have at least 1 person who has gone through state training to help manage these incidents on site.
  • Questions & Concerns – If you have specific questions or concerns, please let Joann Willits or any other Board Member know.   We have a SEISA Board with East/West League reps established; contact info here:  Please let us know it you are interested in assisting.

Thanks and have a great year!!

Joann Willits
SEISA President
832-216-7726 (mobile)
PS:  When calling Joann’s mobile, please leave a vm or send a quick text and I will call you back if I don’t answer!