SEISA District Rules

These SEISA District Rules were adopted by the SEISA Board of Directors on Nov. 21, 2015.  They are in addition to the Procedural Rules for Interscholastic Sailing Competition sponsored by the Interscholastic Sailing Association:


SEISA District Rules


These rules modify certain Interscholastic Sailing Association (ISSA) Procedural Rules and supplement the ISSA rules to best govern, organize, and promote high school sailing within SEISA.  

  1. Organization
    1. SEISA is one of seven districts in ISSA and composed of Alabama (South), Florida (Panhandle), Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas.
    2. SEISA is governed by its bylaws as allowed for in the ISSA bylaws.
    3. Routine business of SEISA, including modification of these rules, is conducted by its Board of Directors.
  2. SEISA Regatta Levels and Grade Levels of Sailors

    1. Level 1: SEISA Qualifiers for ISSA regattas and SEISA District Championships, grades 9-12 only.
    2. Level 2: Varsity Regattas, grades 8-12; split teams (see 6.2) allowed, if specified in the NOR. (modifies ISSA PR 1.2)
    3. Level 3: Open Regattas or Local Regattas, grades 7-12, unless noted otherwise in the NOR. (modifies ISSA PR 1.2)


  1. Eligibility
    1. Schools are encouraged to register with ISSA by October 15th of each year. All schools must be members in good standing with ISSA prior to competing in any SEISA/ISSA event and all competitors must be registered with and appear in the online roster (ISSA Database) of the school that they attend or their assigned school.
    2. Each team must have an adult leader (coach and/or advisor). Coaches/advisors may work with multiple teams.
    3. Teams may be comprised of one or more sailors. Each team should strive to increase membership to be in a position to field full teams for fleet racing (4 or more sailors) and team racing (6 or more sailors).
    4. Competitors must be:
      1. full time students of the school they represent, and subject to the academic and discipline requirements of that school; or
      2. full time students of a feeder school for the school they represent; or
      3. home-schooled students, associated with a team upon approval of the District Director per ISSA PR 1.2


  1. Boats
    1. CFJs or C420s shall be used for all two-person boat events. Exceptions may be made by District Director.  Level 1 district regattas (Level 2 encouraged) shall be round robin, on competitively equal boats in good working order.
    2. Lasers shall be used for the single handed events.
    3. Local regattas may specify other boats or formats with inclusion in the NOR.


  1. Regatta Formats, Registration, Host Requirements
    1. All Qualification or Championship Regattas for National Regattas must follow the ISSA Procedural Rules and Conditions for the ISSA Championship regatta, subject to ISSA Procedural rule 3 on competitively equal boats in good working order.  Only Full Teams may participate.
    2. All regatta forms should be created using the standard ISSA templates located on the ISSA website.
    3. NORs and SIs must be reviewed/approved by SEISA President/Director or their designee prior to posting. NOR should be posted as close to 30 days prior to date of event to enable consistent timing for registration. SIs may be posted prior to the event or may be available at registration.
    4. The Regatta Chair or designee and team advisors must validate that teams are current active members of SEISA and all sailors registered are listed on the online ISSA roster prior to participating in the regatta.
    5. Regatta Registration Priority: If more teams register for any SEISA Level 1 or 2 Regatta than the number of boats the host team provides, then priority will be assigned in the following order: (1) full teams in order of registration received (2) split teams.
    6. If registrants exceed number of boats provided by the regatta host, additional teams may request approval from the regatta chair to bring a boat of comparable quality to be used in the boat rotation throughout the regatta. The boat will be inspected by the regatta chair or designee.  If deemed unacceptable, then that team may not participate in the regatta.
    7. In accordance with ISSA PR 4.3, Record of Participation (RP Forms) must be completed online by each team at by the close of protest time at the end of the regatta.  Each Team (coach, team leader, or student) should make sure they have a Techscore Account well before noon on Friday before the regatta begins; a request for an account may be made at:  (
    8. Regatta results are due to the SEISA Director or designee within 72 hours after completion of the regatta to include a summary of the event including: host organization, location, weather conditions, # of teams and award winners.
    9. Regatta hosts may allow multiple teams from a school to participate, and so indicate by including this in the NOR. 


  1. Team Compositions
    1. A Full Team is a team comprised of sailors, all from the same school, otherwise meeting the grade level requirements of the particular regatta.
    2. “Split” Teams:
      1. When an eligible school can field only a single dinghy crew (comprised of two eligible individuals from the same school) for any 2 division SEISA regatta, that team may compete in either division A or B division. They will be paired by SEISA or host with another school in the same situation, in order to balance entries in A and B divisions.  Advanced notice must be given to regatta chair by the entry deadline.
      2. Such teams will be scored individually based on the division they are competing in, and shall be scored a DNS for the other division.


  1. Discipline
    1. Fair sailing under the Corinthian spirit should be encouraged and promoted by all coaches and advisors.
    2. No contestant shall use, either on or off the water, alcoholic beverages (beer, wine, distilled spirits) or use any controlled substance (marijuana, cocaine, etc.), the possession of which is unlawful.  Infringements of this regulation will be the basis for disciplinary action.
    3. No contestant shall use foul language.  Continued infringement of this regulation will be the basis for disciplinary action.
    4. The SEISA Board of Directors or their designated SEISA representative has jurisdiction over disciplinary matters.


  1. Regattas/Championships/Qualifications
    1. Location of all SEISA Championship/elimination regattas should be rotated around the SEISA District from year to year, with a schedule to be put forth and approved at the annual District General Meeting.
    2. All SEISA Championship/elimination regattas must adhere to ISSA Procedural Rules and Regatta Conditions for the corresponding championship regatta. A minimum of 3 races in each division will constitute a complete regatta if conditions do not permit more races to be completed.
    3. The final standings from each corresponding SEISA District Championship event will determine which team(s) qualifies to attend the corresponding ISSA National Championship event.  
    4. All SEISA Championship events should have 1 judge for fleet-racing and 2 or more umpires for Team Racing.  (U.S. Sailing certification preferred)
    5. Double-Handed District Championship  (Mallory Qualifier)
      1. One SEISA Double-Handed District Championship following ISSA Procedural Rules shall be held at least 2 weeks (4 weeks ideal) prior to the national championship. A two-day event is preferred. The final standings from the SEISA Double-Handed District Championship will determine which team(s) qualifies to attend the ISSA Mallory National Championship.
      2. To be eligible to attend the SEISA District Mallory Championship, a team must have sailed in at least one prior SEISA regatta. (May be waived for brand new team, by SEISA President/Director)
      3. All SEISA Mallory District championship regattas should be scheduled for 1 or more full rotations (2 or more full rotations is preferred).
    6. Single-Handed District Championship (Cressy Qualifier)

      1. One SEISA District Championship regatta (following ISSA Procedural Rules), shall be held at least 2 weeks (4 weeks ideal) prior to the National Championships in both full rig and radial rig Lasers.  A two-day event is preferred. The final standings from the SEISA Single-Handed District Championship will determine which team(s) qualifies to attend the ISSA Cressy National Championship.
      2. This is a “bring your own boat” event.
    7. Team Racing District Championship (Baker Qualifier)

      1. One SEISA team race regatta, following ISSA Procedural Rules, shall be held at least 2 weeks (4 weeks ideal) prior to the national championships.  A two-day event is preferred. The final standings from the SEISA Team Race Championship will determine which team(s) qualifies to attend the ISSA Baker National Championship.
      2. The preferred race course is the Digital N (see diagram in ISSA Procedural Rules, Appendix 6) with the first weather mark and first off set mark rounded to starboard, which stresses team racing tactics and strategy.
      3. To be eligible to attend the SEISA District Baker Championship, a team must have sailed in at least one prior SEISA regatta.
    8. Great Oaks Regatta

      1. To be eligible to attend the Great Oaks Regatta, a team must have sailed in at least one SEISA regatta in the current calendar year (Spring and Fall semesters). Any exception to this rule must be approved by the SEISA President/Director.
      2. If more SEISA teams apply for the regatta than allowable berths prior to the deadline, selection will be first by sail-off regatta, and second by team resume (submitted to SEISA President/Director) which, as a minimum, lists regattas and places taken since the previous year’s Great Oaks Regatta.
    9. National Keel-Boat Invitational

      1. If there are more schools interested than allotments, SEISA will hold a qualification regatta at least 2 weeks (4 weeks ideal) prior to the Invitational. 
      2. Qualifications may alternatively be by resume at the discretion of the SEISA Board.