West League

The SEISA West League is comprised of teams in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Kansas. These teams typically compete in regattas in FJ’s in locations that have a fleet and are able to host a regatta.


SEISA WEST League Rules



These rules modify certain Interscholastic Sailing Association (ISSA) Procedural Rules, SEISA District Rules, and supplement the ISSA rules to best govern, organize, and promote high school sailing within SEISA.


  1. Organization
    1. The SEISA WEST League is 1 of 2 leagues within the SEISA District.  SEISA is one of seven districts in ISSA.  SEISA WEST is composed of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Kansas.
    2. The SEISA WEST League is a division within SEISA, and falls under the SEISA District By-Laws.
  2. Regatta Formats/Registration & Documents/Host Requirements/Coaching

    1. Regatta forms for SEISA Level 2 and Level 3-WEST Regattas may substitute Simplified SI template found on the SEISA site for the standard ISSA templates located on the ISSA website or SEISA NOR/SI templates.
    2. Coaching restrictions may be altered.  If so, NOR/SIs should include:
      1. The race area will be located________________. Competitors may receive coaching, including instruction, assistance, equipment or sustenance, only while on shore or location on the water to be designated at the Competitors’ Meeting.  Spectators are permitted to go on the water, but must remain outside the course and start area. All personnel are encouraged and expected to render assistance to any boat in need, regardless of Team. [Modifies ISSA PR 8(a)].
    3.  Scoring

      1. An alternative to scoring regatta using TechScore may be to score a summary of finish places for each team in TechScore after the regatta. (https://ts.hssailing.org).]  Please contact SEISA regatta Rep for assistance.
      2. In accordance with ISSA PR 4.3, Record of Participation (RP Forms) must be completed online by each team at ts.hssailing.org by the close of protest time at the end of the regatta.  This may be performed by the scorer if no sailor substitutions take place. (https://ts.hssailing.org).]
  3. SEISA Level 3-WEST Regattas

    1. Definition: 
      1. Local Regattas for grades 7-12, unless noted otherwise in the NOR. (modifies ISSA PR 1.2) Split teams (see Dist. Rules 6.2) are allowed.  Open to non-member ISSA teams, through another organization such as a sailing club, organization or foundation.
      2. Local/regional college teams within the greater metropolitan area of the host location, may be included but must be specified in the NOR.  
    2. Eligibility - Exceptions to SEISA Dist. Rules

      1. Non-Member Teams for SEISA Level 3-WEST, sailors NOT with a registered ISSA/SEISA team may sail.
        1. Teams not associated with ISSA/SEISA may participate in Level 3-West events.
        2. Sailors at these events will be scored under the “Unregistered SEISA Team” category in TechScore.
        3. All teams/sailors that are NOT registered with SEISA MUST be registered through an organization, such as a Yacht Club, Sailing Association/Sailing Foundation or ICSA College Team.
        4. All non-member teams must abide by all safety rules and regulations required of ISSA & SEISA organization.



Upcoming Events

Date Event NOR
5/11-12 ISSA Mallory Championship NOR
5/25-26 ISSA Baker Championship

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